A Community Athletic & Fitness Event

True Athlete Games is the first non-sport athletic/fitness event to use bodyweight based scoring to provide an awesome competitive community environment.

Standardized tests enables an athletic/fitness lifestyle. We provide several events per year all over Texas with preset tests. Knowing what you’re doing allows you to create training goals which also leads to specific physiological results. After all, we do want to actually improve our bodies, right?!

Intelligent scoring. We score your performances based on your body weight! A smaller person should be awarded for lifting, pulling, or carrying the same weight as a larger person. A larger person should be awarded for completing as many pull ups as a smaller person.  Yes it’s more math and work for us, but it’s worth it, because IT JUST MAKES SENSE.

Our mission is to create a standard means of measuring fitness for the purpose of incentivizing training so that individuals may improve their quality of life. Through bodyweight based scoring, Individuals of ALL BODY TYPES can TRAIN, TEST, and IMPROVE their fitness and athleticism.