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  • June 3rd, 2017
  • TAG 3.2 | 06.03.17
  • TAG 3.3 | 07.15.17


Test Type: Strength

400m Row

Test Type: Speed

Dynamax Forward Med Ball Throw

Test Type: Upper Body Power

Standing Triple Jump

Test Type: Lower Body Power

Pro Agility Shuttle (5-10-5)

Test Type: Agility

On-Command Pull-ups

Test Type: Upper Body Strength

Steelbell Ground to Over-Shoulder

Test Type: Strength Endurance

Jump Rope/Push-up Medley

Test Type: Endurance

Sled Push Medley

Test Type: Stamina

Steelbell Suicide (Finsher)

Test Type: Stamina

TAG 3.3 Tests

Tests to be announced soon.


All necessary informations about the upcoming events

I’m not in shape, should I still participate?
We get asked this question A LOT!  The answer is an emphatic YES. One of our primary objectives for this event is to serve as a MOTIVATIONAL TOOL for you to use in your fitness journey.  We are all goal oriented creatures, and events such as this one can be a great resource to highlight some things you may not have known that you are good at, and motivate you to work on things that you’re not so proficient at.

ULTIMATELY, once you complete an event and have a baseline…you’ll be motivated to TRAIN your strengths AND your not so strong areas, and use the next True Athlete Games event to reassess your hard work!

When are weigh-ins?

We’ve made some changes. Athletes will now weigh-in on the day of the event.  But PLEASE be considerate of the  time it takes to get you weighed in and the data entered.  Please don’t show up at the last minute prior to your start time, to try and weigh-in.

Are there any time caps this year?

All athletes will have 60 minutes to complete the first 9 events. The last event will be completed AFTER the 60 minute time cap. The Jump Rope/Sled Medley will have a 5 minute time cap. The Sled Push medley will have a 2 minute time cap.

Why are some tests scored relative to bodyweight ?

We simply wanted to created an event that gives athletes of ALL BODY TYPES a “more” level playing field.  This by no means creates a perfect solution. However, if you’ve ever been to one of our events, you’ll see athletes of small and large frames all competing AND scoring relatively well.

To go into a bit more detail…without bodyweight based scoring, an athlete’s performance may go unnoticed. For example, athlete “A” weighs 160lbs and completes 28 pull ups, while athlete “B” weighs 215lbs completes 25 pull-ups. Athlete “A” did more reps, but athlete “B” had a better performance that isn’t obvious to the non-fitness professional.

Another example. Athlete “A” weighs 100lbs and has a 250lb deadlift. Athlete “B” weighs 145lbs and deadlifts 315lbs.  For most people, it isn’t so obvious who had the better performance.

Again, it’s not perfect for all physical movements, BUT it’s better than not acknowledging different body types altogether.  All major sports either have weight classes or positions/events ideal for certain body types.

Can I volunteer?

Of course! We’re always looking for volunteers to help out. This is a good way for newbies to get a feel for the event before trying it and it’s a great way to network and be a part of our fitness/athletic community.

I see there are several events throughout the year, are they all the same?

They used to be, but this year the test lineup MAY change from event to event. However, the final invitational Championship event will always be an event when we bring out NEW tests for the following year.

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